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Minimalist yet stylish wallet with many pockets stuffed into this compact size. Having the sporty double push button system closures make the use of the wallet quick and easy. Good news for the coin collectors’ out there: there’s a totally separate coin sleeve at the front. Our favourite part of all our wallets (check out KAB wallet here) is the stamped logo and brand name made with a 100+ years old vintage hot foil stamping machine, so the wallet already has it’s past and history - it’s time to add yours!

Product Type: Leather wallet

Weight: 65 g

Dimensions: 9 x 11 cm / 16  x 11 cm (open / closed, global sizing)

Material: 100% sustainable Italian leather 

(EPD, Der Blaue Engel and Leather from Italy FULL CYCLE certified).


  • coin pouch with push button (1)
  • credit card pockets (4+)
  • banknote compartment, fits folded banknotes (2)

Hot foil stamped logo and brand name.

Colours: Sun, Black, Chocolate