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Blind Chic.


Normál ár 14.900 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 14.900 Ft
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The plan of having our own wallet finally materialized in this compact sized classic design made of sustainable genuine leather in 3 colourways. Having many compartments for banknotes, credit cards or business cards you can have all together with yourself every day. Our favourite part of it is the stamped logo and brand name made with a 100+ years old vintage hot foil stamping machine, so the wallet already has it’s past and history - it’s time to add yours!

Product Type: Leather wallet
Weight: 55 g

Dimensions: 9 x 10 cm / 17,5 x 10 cm (open / closed, global sizing)

Material: 100% sustainable Italian leather
(EPD, Der Blaue Engel and Leather from Italy FULL CYCLE certified).

  • banknote compartment, fits unfolded banknotes (1)
  • quick access credit card pockets (5+)
  • other pockets (1)

Hot foil stamped logo and brand name.

Colours: Sun, Black, Chocolate