Kihagyás, és ugrás a termékadatokra
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Andrónyi Gabriella


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A legismertebb magyar ételek recept füzete angol nyelven. 

Recipe book with hungarian's favorite treats.


Even if the boundaries of this book will not allow me to share all of my authentic recipes, I will try to give a little taste of my country: a cuisine heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western flavours. Hungarians—despite the fact that by now the country boasts plenty of amazing restaurants—still love to cook and bake for themselves, not to mention arranging incredible feasts. Rule number one of the famous Hungarian hospitality? No guest can leave hungry!

I am hopeful that this little recipe book will bring Hungary even closer to your heart and will make you remember the nice days you spent here. Now whip out the paprika, and let’s get busy!

Happy Cooking!

Gabriella Andrónyi