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Blind Chic.


Normál ár 51.900 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 51.900 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott
Tartalmazza az adót. A szállítási költséget a megrendeléskor számítjuk ki.
Color: Olive
Product Type: Roll-top backpack
Weight: 1150 g

Size: 20 liters (rolled)
Max. load: 8-10 kg

Dimensions: 30x69(55)x12 cm
(width on to/height (rolled)/depth)

Base: 50% CO / 50% PES Canvas, impregnated
Lining: Waterproof PE fabric, dark green

Additional Information:
- 1 front pocket with push button closure
- 2 front buckles (Duraflex), 2 side buckles and two velcro straps for attaching the board to the front panel
- Padded shoulder straps with additional, chest strap, and padded back.
- Velcro closure on top.
- Bag also includes 2 small inner pocket ( 25 cm in width and 20 cm in height on the back part of the bag, 10x10 cm on side)
- Bottom of the bag is reinforced with black leather circles for durability


To be completely satisfied with the performance of your product, there are several important issues to remember:
- try water first with a slight brushing or scrubbing
- use a little bar soap or flaked soap or Saddle soap (leather soap), only if necessary, on specific areas only.
- NEVER use detergent, liquid or powdered.
- NEVER dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the finish.

Product is made in Hungary.